Engineering Resource for Circuit Breakers and Supplementary Protectors

Introduction to Overcurrent Protection

1.1 Overcurrent Protection and Overcurrent Circuit Protectors

1.2 Physics of Circuit Interruption

1.3 Overcurrent Clearing Times

1.4 Physical Characteristics

UL Circuit Breaker Standards Comparison – UL 489 vs. UL 1077

Circuit Breaker Glossary of Terms

Types of Circuit Protection Devices

There are two general categories of circuit protection:

1) Fuses
2) Electro-mechanical circuit breakers.

Each has its advantages which will be discussed here.

Proper Selection of Overcurrent Protection Devices

The most important aspect of circuit protection selection is a complete understanding of the system to be protected. Because the protection design is usually the last consideration, and time is always at a premium, this aspect of design is usually rushed. Learn more here!

The Primary Hazards of Overcurrent

The primary safety focus is to eliminate two types of hazards:

1) Electrical shock
2) Smoke and fire

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