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Battery Disconnect Circuit Breakers

Mechanical Products battery disconnect circuit breakers with integrated circuit protection are available from 10 to 150 amps.

The Series 53 Branch Disconnect is the first in a new product design by MP. The unique combination of features in a single rotary switch allows OEM cost savings by eliminating hte added components, material and labor of a separate battery switch and circuit breaker /fuse.

Coming in 2023: The Series 67 small frame Battery Selector Disconnect Switch with integrated circuit breaker is available from 60 to 150 Amps. (Consult factory for lower amp ratings)  This newly developed device offers a manual reset with On-Off function in a panel or surface mount. It fits most industry standard battery switch mounting cutout patterns.  Additional details coming soon.

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MP Series 53 Branch Disconnect Circuit Breaker

MP Series 53

Disconnect Circuit Breaker
Series 67 Battery Selector Disconnect

MP Series 67

Battery Selector Disconnect Breaker

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