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Circuit Protection

Electrical protection for under the hood or vehicle accessories, MP is the circuit breaker of choice for the Truck, Bus and RV Industry. Protection for RV Slide Outs, Truck Liftgates, Power Inverters, and Motorized Wheelchair Ramps are typical applications.

FAQ’s About Truck/Bus/RV Industry

MP offers a wide selection of circuit breakers certified to SAE’s Surface Vehicle Standard J553 and Ignition Protection Standard J1171.  Types 1 - 3 are offered from 3 – 300 amps. Short-Stop, and Hi-Amp Surface Mount are popular choices.
How do I reduce case cracks and breakage in surface mount devices?
Unlike competitive devices that are made from thermoset material, MP’ s Hi-Amp Circuit Breakers (Series 17, 18 & 19) are molded using high temperature thermoplastic that is very resistant to cracking and breaking.
How do you reduce terminal corrosion in harsh environments?
Many MP J553 qualified circuit breakers automatically come with stainless steel terminals and hardware.
How do you identify the rating of Short-Stop Circuit Breakers?
MP recognized that during, or after installation, it is not easy to identify the ampere rating of Short-Stop Circuit Breakers.  Today, MP’s Short-Stops are offered color-coded following the same scheme used to identify vehicle fuses.
How do I protect Short-Stops from being damaged?
MP’s Series 32 Short-Stop Protective Boot is available to guard against fluid splashes and terminal-to- terminal short circuits.
Do you accept large wire terminations in Hi-Amp applications?
MP surveyed user before designing its Series 17 Hi-Amp. The Series 17 surface mount is offered in ¼” and 3/8” stainless steel terminals with extra- large terminal pads to easily accommodate virtually any required wire termination.
Do you have a robust VDC design in a small package?
MP’s Series 18 is designed through 60 amps for use in harsh vehicle environments. This weatherproof device is certified to unsurpassed performance under conditions of shock, vibration, salt spray, humidity and short circuit conditions.

MP Products used in Truck/Bus/RV

Count on MP for your circuit breaker needs

MP Series 16


Push-to-Reset Circuit Breaker

VAC/VDC Rated Protection
Circuit Breaker
Trip-Free Cycling

MP Series 17


High Amp Thermal Circuit Breaker

Dustproof and Waterproof,
Ignition Protected
Visible Trip Indication

MP Series 18


Push-to-Reset Circuit Breaker

UL1500 Rated
Push-to-Reset Circuit Breaker

MP Series 19


Heavy Duty Waterproof Circuit Breaker

IP67 & IP69K Waterproof
Ignition Protected,

MP Series 32


Short Stop Circuit Breaker

Compact Design,
Single Pole
Trip-Free Cycling,
Optional Boot
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