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Power Distribution Equipment

Critical Circuit Protection

MP was among the first circuit breaker manufacturers to provide circuit protection for industry and consumer plug strips. This is our legacy. No one has more experience in protecting what powers your critical equipment than MP.

FAQ’s About Power Distribution Industry

MP is a leader in providing circuit breakers for low ampacity transformer requirements, rack mount switching and hi-amp short circuit UPS duplex protection. These examples are offered to demonstrate the depth and breadth of MP’s capabilities in providing engineered solutions for Power Distribution.
What is important in plug strip protection?
The UL/CSA overload rating of the circuit breaker often goes unnoticed by the designer. Since plug strips are required to power a variety of devices, the circuit breaker in a plug strip should carry an OL1 (Motor Start) rating, not an OL0 resistive rating.
Is a lighted switchable circuit breaker available?
MP’s switchable Series 24 is often selected for rack mount applications. It’s snap-in panel design is available with a light option in one and two pole packages from 0.1 to 30 amps.
Are you able to provide specially calibrated device?
MP’s engineering staff has worked with many customers to develop specially calibrated devices derived from an MP core product.
Do you develop new protectors for unique applications?
Throughout the years, MP has worked closely with many OEMs to develop new circuit breakers to meet the unique challenges of their application. Our technical staff is always available to provide assistance.
What terminals are available on the Series 16?
MP’s Series 16 in ratings from 0.5 -35 amps is available in 0.250” tab and either #6-32 or #8-32 screw terminals, bent or straight. From ratings from 40-70 amps, #10-32 screw terminals are provided.
How do I select the correct breaker for my application?
Please contact MP for technical assistance. We are knowledgeable in agency requirements and experienced in helping select the right circuit breaker rating and features for any application.

MP Products used in Power Distribution Industry

Count on MP for your circuit breaker needs

MP Series 16


Push-to-Reset Circuit Breaker

VAC/VDC Rated Protection
Circuit Breaker
Trip-Free Cycling

MP Series 24


Switchable Circuit Breaker

UL1077 Recognized
Circuit Breaker
Snap-in Panel Mount
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