Mechanical Products Series 32 Short Stop Circuit Breaker - NEW!

MP Series 32 
Short Stop Circuit Breaker


Compact Design, Single Pole

Trip-free Cycling, Economically Priced

Circuit Breaker Boot / Marine Circuit Breaker Cover available


Available in ratings from 3 to 50 Amperes, the Series 32 Short Stop style circuit breakers offer versions with superior moisture protection. With the optional circuit breaker boot installed, terminals will be protected against inadvertent short circuits. Configurations are offered in Auto-Reset (Type I), Modified Reset (Type II) & Manual Reset (Type III).

The MP Series 32 is designed as a drop in replacement for conventional unmounted and bracket mounted versions of Short Stop Circuit Breakers found in applications for Trucks, Busses, RV's, Electric Vehicles and Battery Chargers.

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Rated Voltage 120 VDC(TI,TII) / 24 VDC(TIII)
Rated Current 3 - 50A
Interrupt Capacity 2,500A @ 12 VDC
Dielectric Strength 1,500 VAC
Insulation Resistance ≥ 100m Ohm, 500 VDC
Reset Overload Capacity 6x Rated Current
Operating Temperature -40 to 85°C


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