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Press Release - Series 53


LOMBARD, IL – Mechanical Products (MP) is pleased to announce the release of its newest circuit protection device, the SERIES 53 BRANCH DISCONNECT CIRCUIT BREAKER

MP Series 53 Branch Disconnect Circuit BreakerMP Series 53 Branch Disconnect Circuit Breaker

Ideally suited for the Marine, RV, Truck and Heavy Equipment industries, the one-of-a-kind Series 53 Branch disconnect circuit breaker incorporates the features of traditional battery disconnect switching and circuit protection for house circuits into a single compact device. This unique combination of features, in a single rotary switch, allows the OEM cost savings by eliminating the added components, material and labor to install a separate battery switch and circuit breaker/fuse, while delivering effective battery management and house DC circuit protection. 

To disconnect and protect circuits to 32VDC, the patent pending Series 53 is available with a built-in, press-to-reset circuit breaker rated from 10A – 60A* to protect a vehicle’s house circuits. Designed for use in harsh environments, the panel-mount Series 53 has 1/4"-20 stud terminations and is IP66 & IP67 Weatherproof rated and UL1500 Ignition Protected qualified. The Series 53 is also compliant to UL 1107, UL1077, SAE J553 and ABYC requirements. Interested OEMs should contact their MP Representative for samples and a quote. *Additional ratings may be available


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About Mechanical Products

As a leading developer and manufacturer of high quality circuit protection devices, Mechanical Products is well known for providing vehicle manufacturers across the globe with solutions that protect against the hazards of electrical overcurrent, especially in harsh environments. Count on it.

MP has been a leading supplier of thermal circuit protection since 1943. MP circuit breakers are used in thousands of critical & commercial applications ranging from construction & electrical generation, marine, medical, military vehicles, power management & battery backup, recreation vehicles, residential & appliance, specialty vehicles and battery chargers. MP has been management owned since 1998 and maintains manufacturing capabilities in the US and overseas with US facilities in Jackson, Michigan and Lombard, Illinois.

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Download the Circuit Breaker Selection Guide.  Covering ratings of 0.5 – 300 amps, the selection guide is a summary overview of the Series of circuit breakers made by MP.  For further details, the individual Series Data Sheets may be downloaded.

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