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Where MP "Legendary Performance" began

We do not make mousetraps, but like the perfect mousetrap, the basic design, superior specifications and calibration range of the MP Series 16 has remained largely unchanged for over 75 years.  

To this day, the push-to-reset Series 16 remains one of MP’s most widely specified circuit breakers, for demanding applications in harsh environments.  One of the harshest environments that the Series 16 is a proven mainstay is in the protection of welding equipment.  For over thirty-five years, MP’s Series 16 has been the primary thermal circuit breaker used by the two largest US global manufacturers to protect the duplex outlets on portable welding equipment they produce.  Considering where these welders are used, it would be difficult to find a more diverse collection of consistently harsh applications across so many industries and services. 

The Series 16 circuit breakers in these welders must perform day after day, year after year, while being subjected to excessive shock, vibration, dirt, dust, moisture, cold, heat and general transport from job site to job site.  The robust Series 16 has proven to withstand these harsh conditions as experienced in welding applications as required in industries like Heavy Equipment, Ship Building, Construction, Auto Repair Shops and on Utility Work Trucks, to name a few.  If you have a demanding circuit protection application, consider the proven MP Series 16.  It is timeless.

The affordable, small, and robust Series 16 is available in ratings of 50VDC/250VAC, 0.5 – 70 amperes. A wide variety of configurations, including bushing sizes, terminal types, and hardware are available.

To learn more about the Series 16 visit the webpage:  SERIES 16

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Need a 3D CAD model?  Visit the Part Configurator and 3D Model page.  Download models in your native format. 

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Download the Circuit Breaker Selection Guide.  Covering ratings of 0.5 – 300 amps, the selection guide is a summary overview of the Series of circuit breakers made by MP.  For further details, the individual Series Data Sheets may be downloaded.

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