MP Series 18 Weatherproof Circuit Breakers

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Push-to-Reset Circuit Breaker

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UL 1500, Ignition Protected, Trip Free 

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The weatherproof and ignition protected characteristics are well suited for applications in Marine, Heavy Equipment, Trucks / Busses and Battery Chargers.

Available in a wide amperage range, the Series 18 Push-to-Reset Thermal Circuit Breaker is available in both manual and automatic reset configurations. This Push-to-Reset Circuit Breaker is a trip-free device, and incorporates a “Double-Break” design allowing it to achieve an increased short- circuit interruption capability. This Push-to-Reset Circuit Breaker is designed to be fit and form compatible to previously available devices, while offering superior performance.

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  • Designed for the harshest environments
  • UL1500 rated Push-to-Reset Circuit Breaker
  • Compliances
    • MIL-STD-202, SAEJ553, ABYC-E11, SAEJ1428, UL1500
  • Ratings
    • Voltage - 120VAC/32VDC
    • Current - 2-40 Amps, 12.5-60 Amps
    • Short Circuit Interrupt - 3kA@32VDC/120VAC, 5ka@32VDC, rating dependent
  • Testing Preformed
    • Vibration: 10g force
    • Shock: 100g force
    • Corrosion: 96hr salt-spray
    • Humidity: 240ht at 95% RH



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