Circuit Breaker Switches

MP Series 752 
Switchable Circuit BreakerSeries 7 (group of 3).gif

Smallest UL489 Circuit Breaker Available

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The small model 752 thermal circuit breaker is used primarily in applications that require typical AC 120V protection, and require superior current interrupt capabilities.

A simple “push-pull” switching device allows the user to disconnect the entire system, while at the same time providing automatic disconnect in the presence of over current conditions.

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  • UL489 Listed Circuit Breaker
  • Trip Free
  • Double Break Mechanism Allows for High Current Interrupt Capability
  • Color Band Gives User Clear Indication of a Disconnected State
  • Ratings 
    • Voltage- 120VAC
    • Current- 15-20 Amps 
    • Short Circuit Interrupt -- 5Ka@120VAC, 1Ka@48VDC (VDE)
  • Testing Performed 
    • Vibration: 8g force
    • Shock: 25g force
    • Corrosion: 96hr salt-spray
    • Humidity: 240hr at 95% RH
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RoHS Technical Brief